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Sendys has a team with the technical and multidisciplinary skills necessary to ensure the success of all implementing projects

Each project is implemented according to the needs of each client, using the best project management practices and own methodologies.

Our own methodology - how do we do it?

SENDYS software is exclusively marketed and implemented by the company itself. The project implementation methodology is based on three phases:

  • Analysis and Design; 
  • Implementation;
  • Support and Maintenance.

Within these three phases the following activities are developed:

  • Preparation and survey;
  • Design of processes (Blueprint);
  • Implementation and configuration of the final solution;
  • Validation of the solution and training of users;
  • Go-Live and support;
  • Maintenance and technical support.

The vast experience in project implementation allows our clients to optimize their internal processes, benefiting from our know-how and best-practices.  

The benefits

  • Avoid surprises during the execution of activities;
  • It allows to develop competitive differentials through the use of methodologies; Optimizes the allocation of people, materials and equipment;
  • Anticipates unfavorable situations that may occur, allowing preventive and corrective actions;
  • It adapts the work to market and customer expectations;
  • It favors and assists decision making;
  • Provides budgets before expenses start;
  • It allows the control and management of all phases of the project to be implemented;
  • Provides mechanisms for measuring project performance;
  • It documents the events of the project.

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